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This is not an interesting game, in the game you can decide for themselves the image of your character, upload photos to create portraits, or use the characters given in the game. Decided to catch it after a good start. Start of the game: the game starts, and select the three buttons on the left side of characters set, the first is to upload an image from the local computer production head, the second is the male head, and the third is a female head. Click NEXT to enter the next step, then you can set the character of the accessories and hairstyle. Click NEXT to enter the third step, where you can set the character of the body features, skin color and clothing. Click NEXT to enter the fourth step, in this step you can set a good image through your E-mail sent to your friend. Click PLAY NOW to start the game.


  • lrMove
The arrow keys to control the characters move, space bar to the left of the correct number of balls into bins

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