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pizza used to be a protagonist's younger brother, childhood ambition to become a doctor. mouse clicks. Props 1 - the equivalent of a scalpel. Props 2 - clip: go to the folder where the debris stuck in the body or install cracked bones, pull out the debris, please follow the angle of the insert slowly pull it out, please remember to pull out the debris after the iron into the lower left disk. Props 3 - lighter: can be used to stop bleeding, a small wound please roast down. Props 4 - panacea: a bleeding wound for later use. Props 5 - to suture the wound. Props 6 - can be used vampire block, pus, and fire extinguishing, please use the mouse with the red zone to run. Props 7 - cutting hard and things with, saw the time I remember fast hard standard. Prop 8 - Opener: currently only used for blood. Blood Methods: bottle opener and then a panacea, please follow the red by going round and round, injection successfully restore a little heartbeat. Because you open the bottle in a healthy meat will stay small wounds waste of time, so you can be cut at the way a wound or blood. Props 9 - Battery: for insecticide use only. Props 0-X-ray plate: When you do not know whatcha when to press downwards on the wound to escape detection, and then dug by cutting knife, a yellow line, please remember to use the cutting tool and then draw again.

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