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Farm Frenzy 2

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Farm Frenzy second-generation business, in this fairy-tale Farm Frenzy, you need to continue feeding animals, purchase of machinery equipment, construction plant, so run-down village become prosperous.


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mouse, there are detailed teaching points cross the border to produce a specified number of goals, including the food, the required financial constraints, according to the time available to cross the border with gold, silver alarm clock Ratings. Players can be kept in the types of replacement animals, resulting in changes in production of goods; and the increase in aircraft transportation system; You can buy cats, dogs and other pets, they will help you catch the bear as an important weapon. Game, including chickens, cattle, pigs, ostrich, etc. 4 brand new animals, can produce 16 new products, delicious steaks, tasty cakes and quaint feathers clothing and so on. 12 types of buildings, 3 speed increase, 4 levels of attacks bear the enemy. And the 17 secret items worth 19 medals to discover and collect. Can not play two of the top right corner put the hook out.

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