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Zoo Escape

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and friends to the zoo, the results were trapped inside, lions, elephants, monkeys, snakes and birds, fish and insects have fun ... and then go home ~ mouse.


  • mouseleftaction
1 monkey parrot screen buttons key points, use this key to open the parrot cage and take the blade 2 blade cut the tree line and branches, lines and combination of 3 buttons on the tree belt hook monkey paw ( look like belts) 4:00 5 right under the tree frogs take crocodile screen buttons with the combination point line and key, this key to open the tank. 6 and turn right to see the elephant (for a while longer cares), and then turn right, snakes and fish tank pictures are bananas, cut with a blade to feed the elephant, the elephant gives you the key, use it to open the snake's glass house 7 The frog gave the snake, get a copy son. 8 fish to copy the sub-copy crane, and then line and button combinations to get the key, that key to open the Lions open the cage 9, the Lions Gate, with the last piece of props (where the hook to the monkey), the point in the leg before a lion, the lion kicked the key. 10 keys escape from ZOO

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