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Gazzy Atm Escape

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to ATM withdrawals locked room, you have to make good use of all goods on hand, try to escape.


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1, click the ATM machine at the top of the tube, and then point the glass tube crack, back, get the ground broken glass. 2, the left of the trash, get inside the black ball of paper and a pile of white paper wads back. 3, point a wall outlet, with broken glass attached to a wall socket program off the line, slightly lower than the lamp designated position, the black ball of paper into the EDM Department, Black ball of paper put spark back. 4, turn right, point the wall clock, the clock on the right point of the glass box to open the clock cover to get inside the minute hand, back. 5, turn left, put a check point on the right box (Check Drop Box), with the minute hand to open the box cover and get inside the checks and glasses, backwards. 6, turn right, the right side of the glass into the ground, points above the tube attached to air conditioning, ice cream, original web games, cut open with broken glass tubes, shed water to the glass, the back, pick up the glass. 7, turn right, the left door handle access control points twice, pulled recently, with the clock Remove the two screws above the point on the edge, access to open, see a wire is broken. Stained black ball of paper will be the EDM clock will make up a broken line. Point of access device lid, with two screws clockwise twisting, back twice. 8, will be a lot of the white ball of paper into the door, with a black ball of paper lit the spark to turn right twice, point of ATM machines, point right of the screen are four buttons at the bottom of one card out, get magnetic cards, back. 9, turn left twice, and twice pulled to a recent point of access devices will be on the card onto the card edge of the mouth, brushing card back twice. 10, point the door, point door handles, door open, back,

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