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This is a lovely Japanese-style game fish have a green car in the house, with beautiful flowers, beautiful murals ... mouse


  • mouseleftlook for clues
turn right, point the bottom of television, get the orange ball, back and right side of the ground to get the green flower bowl. 2, turn right, point twice to open the blue cabinet next to the sofa, which get the grapes and books, back, away on the couch cushions, get the pink key. 3, see the book, turn back and see the key hole, use the pink key to open, get the card, close the book. 4, turn left, see the flowers on the right side of the post holes into the hole in the card, get the yellow color villain _ (automatically, in the bottom of the screen), the left side of the people get the little yellow yellow _ colored ball. 5, turn left, see the green bowl, the grapes into the bowl, the bowl on the table. 6, left, point the right side of the Taiwan closer to the lower left corner lamp, lamp inside to get the purple ball back. 7, turn left three times, see the purple villain in the grapes, get on the floor of the screwdriver. 8, turn right twice, click on the fish-shaped car, the car and get the blue flower pots on the ground between the ball, the shadow points to the rear end of car, get the green key on the floor, back again. 9, the middle point of the car into the cab, the key into the upper right corner of the green jack in back. End point of the shadow to the rear car to see the rear open, get the bad people and next to the pink pink ball back twice. 10 points lower right corner of the carpet, that carpet curling, exposing a small door open with a screwdriver, put five small ball back and saw the wall appears orange villain (automatically), take the lower right corner of villains to scroll. 11, view the scrolls, found in positions 4 and 7 for the shadows, off reel. Point on the left wall of the glass doors on the right controller?

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