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The story starts in 24th century AD. Long and an enemy of the Luo Mulun Confederation empire in the future by a named "Nero" (Eric Bana •) and Luo Mulun who led the country hate toting families have gone back, he sent one of the greatest threats to assassinate Luomu Lun, Confederation skeleton staff - James • Captain Kirk (James T. Kirk). "Pointed ears," Shi Boke (Leonard • Nimo Yi) learned of the news, but also back in order to protect his good friend James • Kirk, but then Kirk (Chris • Pan) Star Academy is only a student. Here youth Shi Boke (Zachary • Kun figure) and meet the old Shi Boke. Shi Boke old Shi Boke told the young Kirk Nero sent the plan to assassinate a young age, so they jointly protect from James • Kirk - Captain Kirk's future security, to prevent the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet's history is rewritten . Institute in Singapore Airlines, you have to accept a series of training to enable you to become quality interstellar travelers! This game is in English formerly known as: Star Trek Academy Trainer


  • mouseleftmouse clicks
First off: wiring, can be connected by color; the second hurdle: finding fault; the third pass, hide cable connection, point the control switches for each line, so lines can get out of the loop to stop light green; fourth

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