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PSP Hot game - snapped the official launch of bang game, "snapped bang" is the rhythm of a drum with an order to the companions battle simulation game. Pata bang this incredible creature can manipulate the four drum rhythms played by an order different combinations of temperament, concerted efforts will appear in front of the monster down. Jie defeated rival in the race after cool boom, bang the tribe snapped together, the construction of a ship, ready to move families to "end of the world", can be unidentified ship has been the destruction of the enemy, and thus was lost tribe . So snapped like a bang before the beginning of the standard-bearer, as in the "gods" (that is, players) under the guidance of looking tribe, the organization fighting against the new enemy "mask family." Of course, birds of prey monsters along the way is indispensable, but also to solve the mystery of the ancient city snapped. Pata Bang will face a more difficult family challenges. This game is in English formerly known as: Patapon 2: The Art of War


  • lrarrow keys
Snapped the arrow keys left, right bang, according to the drums, triple snapped a bang, you can let it go.

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