Patterns of a Kind
Cai Cai two of a kind
Rome Sensation
Addict two of a kind
Bad girl
Shy elf
Constellation of a Kind
Penguin consumer box
Football of a Kind
Lovely aquarium
Crush for breakfast
Crush fruit shop
Gem of a Kind
Fuwa of a Kind
Ball of a Kind
Smiling face of a Kind
Valentine's Day two of a kind
Super Box
Fast food of a Kind
Pizza two of a kind
Zoo to open the General Assembly
Amazon Quest
Magic Stone of a Kind
Barbie two of a kind
Fruit juice
Flashing diamonds
Diamond two of a kind
Beautiful town
Fruit of a Kind
Pig Man of a Kind
Abstract banana monkey
2 lovely lunch
Box of a Kind
Gold trip
Pirate ship battle
Stella's wedding
Cartoon box of a Kind
Witch's Magic Pharmacy
Classic Mstching
Ltfly Spiders From Above
World Voyage
Chong Erfei of a Kind
Puzzle Room Escape
Fashion Diamante
Swap Girl
Tiny Birds
Meals Lee
Viva Pinata Candy Call
Challenge King of rap
Cash Machine
Food Swap Puzzle
Twist Bang
Tinkerkells Jewel Jumble
Monsters, Inc. Big Flip
Fish of a Kind
two of a kind Diamond Desert
two of a kind Olympic Games
Diminshing see magic
Farm of a Kind
Gem Exchange
Fantasy Warrior of a Kind
Kitty Blocks
Cute monsters Chinese version of a Kind
12 Swap
Three Fruits
Colorful gift of a Kind